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Our wristbands can be used for anything from company publicity to memorializing a loved one to raising funds for a school, cause or individual person. Wristbands make great mementos for parties, school dances, field days, weddings, showers or any event you can think of. Just a few reasons you should place your order with WristbandConnection.com include:

a) We have no minimum orders!
b) Our Silicone wristbands are 100% guaranteed. Every band is marked!
c) Excellent customer service with experienced, friendly, expert sales people available Monday to Friday.
d) We do not charge set up fees.
e) We claim fastest turnaround time in the industry. We are capable of making 30,000 wristbands per day!
f) We have over 350,000 wristbands in stock with 3 sizes and over 70 colors to choose from!
g) Our proprietary American manufacturing processes, tools and production lines are unmatched by any wristband company, even those we once trained.
i) We can meet almost any special need or design and believe anything is possible.
j) Extremely low prices with great quality combined.

Yes! In adding up logos and different fonts are amazing ways to create personalized rubber wristbands. It would not be a problem in most cases, however some logos, and designs are too complicated to be visible on customized bracelets. In such cases our expert may ask for simplifying design. Please remember that such bands are just 12 mm tall, which is less than ½ an inch and only applicable detail would fit. Please call 800-451-9711 to speak with a one of our friendly representative if you need custom art on your bands.

We have several major kinds of Silicone Wristband and all have their own unique qualities:

Screen - Printed Silicone Wristbands- Printed Silicone Wristbands are great way to promote various events. The variety of screen-printing lets you to have your particular logo or message printed in numerous colors and in tiny size on the surface of the precise color silicone wristbands you select to have made. The paint that we used is especially designed to stretch with the silicone and does not wear off with use. Our amazing screen-printing experts could reproduce just about any logo and any kind of text available.

Molded Color-Fill Wristbands – Molded color-fill wristbands are without a doubt the most admired wristband. Color-Fill Wristbands start off as deboss-molded wristbands. Once your bands are molded and striped of surplus silicone, the bands are placed onto a particular device, which lets our artists to fill the sunken lettering and design with expressly formulated silicone paint. This incredibly elastic silicone paint stretches with use and does not become paler or come out of the molded areas of your wristbands

Debossed-Molded Wristbands – Debossed-Molded Wristbands - Debossed-Molded Wristbands are widely accepted among all age group people. Debossed means sunken into the surface, unlike embossed which means having raised art and lettering like a credit card. Here your message would be molded so that it goes down deep into the wristbands. A familiar example of Debossed-Molded wristbands would be the “ LIVESTRONG ” wristbands.

Keychains – Custom Silicone Key Chains are the fanciest and nicest looking among all. Initially, custom Silicone Key Chains were once only obtainable from our overseas manufacturing facilities, however now; you could get them quickly from the first and only American Wristband manufacturer who in reality builds them here. The minimum is low and they are an outstanding way to endorse any event or business. The usefulness of key chains has been valued for decades and now with custom key chains in any amount, they could be used in much more diversified ways.

Wristbands could be bought for various reasons; it might for awareness purpose, to encourage any event or could be just a fashion accessory also. It purely depends on the purpose:

a) If you want to have a wristband design with a lot of detail a molded band will not be the best option for you. Since our Screen Printed bands allow for very detailed and colorful designs, they would be the best option for your detailed designs.
b) If you wish to get your logo printed on the wristband, the best idea it to go with screen - printed silicone wristbands.
c) If you want stronger appearance go with molded debossed-wristbands and not with laser-debossed.
d) If you desire to get more color ranges then go with molded debossed which has 1100 colors designed to fit your needs.
e) If you desire to get great promotional items to build awareness say for example “Cancer Awareness” then key chains the best options.

Lazer-made wristbands actually looks similar to molded wristbands, however there are few differences. Click here to view the differences - http://www.wristbandconnection.com/SidebySidepage2.php

Color-core and color-filled both are the most outstanding wristbands to come across. They are more catchy, attractive and appealing than any other kinds. Click here to view the differences - http://www.wristbandconnection.com/SidebySidepage.php

Wristband Connection is the only American wristband company who offers the kind of discount options we do. You will not find a lower price anywhere on rush or standard delivery. Special rush options are also now available to you when you check out, but please call our toll free number 800-451-9711 for availability now!

Our Customer service team is exactly that, a team that is dedicated to helping with any issue that may occur and work vigorously to resolve it quickly to your satisfaction. We are completely reliable!

The turnaround on your wristband order depends on the options you choose at check-out. We have made it very simple for you to choose the option that best fits your needs. You will find the very best pricing at our standard production - so if possible, we always suggest ordering your bands as far in advance of your event as you can. However, for a heartfelt memorial or last-minute event, rush options are available. Keep in mind that the production time you choose is in business days and excludes holidays and weekends. Shipping time is additional. If you need to receive your bands by a specific date, please call a representative at 800-451-9711 and one of our friendly and helpful sales representatives will estimate the best shipping options for you.

Production time is the number of days it takes your order to leave our facility, from the date your payment is received. Shipping time is the number of days that your bands take to get from our facility to your front door. When planning your order, always count business days. For example, if it's Thursday the 1st, and you need your bands for your event on Saturday the 16th, you have 11 business days to receive your product. It would be best to choose 5-7 business day production and 2 day shipping, for an estimated delivery date of Tuesday the 13th. As there is always the possibility for delays in shipping, it's best to schedule your delivery a day or two before your event.

Of course you can! At WristbandConnection.com, we pride ourselves on being the first provider of small-quantity custom wristbands. If you want fewer than 100 bands, you can order either LaZer-MadeTM or Color-CoreTM wristbands. For Screen-Printed, Debossed, Embossed or ColorFilled wristbands, we do have minimum orders of 100.

Wristbandbargains.com is very concern about its valuable customer's convenience to place the wristband orders.

So we have designed our builder pages in such a way that anyone can easily customize wristbands by following simple steps given below and order wristbands easily:

  • Step 1: Choose your fav. Color for your band from the colors available.
  • Step 2: Choose the font-style for the message which you want to print on the band.
  • Step 3: Add your exact wish message which you want us to print on your ordered wristband and you can see the preview of it.
  • Step 4:Wristbandbargains.com provides you a facility of adding artwork to your bands. So you can choose it from the designs available.
  • Step 5:Well done. Now you have to mention the number of wristbands you need. And click "ADD TO CART" and do payment and get your ordered bands on-time!!!
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