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Color-Filled Rubber Wristbands

Our Color-Filled Rubber Wristbands Make A Lasting Impression And Will Be Worn For Years To Come!

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color filled rubber wristbands

Millions of Dollars raised!

We have made millions of silicone wristbands for schools, churches and individuals AND we can help you take your fundraiser NATION WIDE!

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millions of dollars raised


Did you know? We personalize medical and emergency wristbands for children and adults. Click the link below to get personalize yours now.

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medical safety alert bracelets

Wristbands done right.

We make creating custom silicone wristbands easy! Click the link below to get started!

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wristbands done right


Steps to Make Your Own Wristbands

How to Order:

  1. Pick Your Style Of Wristband
  2. Choose A Custom Color
  3. Choose A Stylish Font
  4. Add Your Personal Message
  5. Use Custom Artwork
  6. Select How Many You Want To Order
  7. Click On Checkout
Steps to Make Your Own Wristbands

When Checking Out Remember To:

  1. Select A Production Time
  2. Select A Shipping Time
  3. Pay For Your Order
  4. Track Your Wristbands With The Tracking Number Until They Arrive To You.

The video below shows you how a great cause used a special wristband to send a great message.

Fox News: Asher Brown Suicide Inspires Hip Hop Artist: A custom silicone bracelet, the Band Against Bullying


What Can I Use Them For?

People want to connect with things they care about . Wristbands are a popular accessory for showing support and building awareness. They are worn everyday and are more cost effective than anything else out there. We see orders every day from fans all over the country. The best part about wristbands are wherever they are worn you get into the conversation.

"Hey where'd you get that". From YOU...boom, you're in the conversation.

Make your name stand out. This is an affordable & unique way to get your customers talking; lowering your customer acquisition costs.

Please watch the video below to see how a wristbands can touch lives.

Wristband connection. com Tiffaney Webber: A testimonial about just how powerful wristbands can be in someone's life.


It is important that you call us if you have a specific date that you need the wristbands. We will help you place your order so that it arrives on time.

Every order has a PRODUCTION TIME and a SHIPPING TIME. The Production Time is how long it takes us to make your wristbands. The Shipping time is how long it takes to get from us to you. Please be aware of both when placing your order.

Three weeks is generally a good timeframe to use when figuring out when you will get your wristbands.

At Wristbandconnection.com, you can make your own wristbands within a snap of finger. No other company in the industry can boast of the knowledge or technology in creating and delivering wristbands on time. We supply various types of silicone wristbands from Color-Core® to screen printed, Lazer-Made™, etc in different colors and sizes. Everyone has their own choices when it comes to wristband design. Now you can design your own wristbands within a few seconds and make it look attractive with your favorite slogan or message embossed or debossed on it.

aries wristband

If you are puzzled as to how can you make your own wristbands very fast, just visit your easy wristband creator section and get over your doubt. You can design your own wristbands from a variety of colors, sizes, fonts and also add artwork from a selection of over 400 images! Have fun building your wristbands and when you checkout, you can choose 24 hour production. Wristband connection is the only company that will deliver your product on time or else it is free! If you order wristbands in wholesale, you can get more wristbands at lesser price.

If you want to impress someone with your creativity, we recommend our Pinnacle bands! If you want any assistance, call us during business hours and our sales representatives will solve all your queries.