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Color-Filled Rubber Wristbands

Our Color-Filled Rubber Wristbands Make A Lasting Impression And Will Be Worn For Years To Come!

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fundraising and awareness

Millions of Dollars raised!

We have made millions of silicone wristbands for schools, churches and individuals AND we can help you take your fundraiser NATION WIDE!

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millions of dollars raised


Did you know? We personalize medical and emergency wristbands for children and adults. Click the link below to get personalize yours now.

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medical safety alert bracelets

Wristbands done right.

We make creating custom silicone wristbands easy! Click the link below to get started!

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silicone wristbands done right


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Custom Text and Colors

We offer a host of color options that you can choose for your custom rubber wristband. In case you are opting for solid colors you can choose from almost one thousand colors that we have displayed in the color chart . If you are ordering more than 500 custom silicone bracelets you can opt for swirl, tied dye and vertical stripes Customers not looking to purchase custom silicone bracelets may find what they are looking for in our wide array of in stock items offered through our online store.

Choose your own style of placing your message on the wristbands. Choose from debossed, imprinted, deboss-fill, or embossed. We can put your own logo or any of our stock logos in the wristbands. Choose from a thousand different colors to get that perfect color you need. Choose from a list of 40 different font styles, or provide us with the font you desire.

Our wristbands are made out of 100% latex-free silicone rubber. We only use premium high quality rubber, so you are rest assured that these wristbands will last. We are proud to be manufacturers of silicone bracelets since 2005, producing tens of millions of wristbands worldwide!

Rubber Bracelets:Wristband Connection makes the best Rubber Bracelets


History of Rubber Bracelets

Over the past few years, the custom silicone bracelet ( silicone bracelets ) has become a powerful medium for organizations, schools, foundations and sports programs worldwide to raise money and promote their message or cause! Commonly referred to as the silicone bracelet, rubber wristband, silicone wristband , rubber bracelet, rubber bracelets, silicone rubber bracelets , charity bracelet , charity wristband,, silicone bracelets, or silicone rubber wristbands, this extraordinary promotional / awareness medium is here to stay.

Silicone bracelets are inexpensive colorful jewelry items, at the same time, durable and comfortable to wear. They have become a fashion craze both because of their appearance and the messages they impart. The different colors of silicone bracelets represent different societal causes, from finding a cure for a particular disease to raising environmental consciousness.

What are some of the reasons people use Custom Silicone Bracelets?

  • Use Personalized Silicone Bracelets to generate school spirit and pride.
  • Use meaningful colors and custom messages for your next fundraising event.
  • Use your fully Customized Rubber Wristbands as giveaways at tradeshows.
  • Use them to raise awareness about your product, service, or cause.
  • Use Custom Silicone Bracelets to celebrate special events.
  • Use them as keepsakes.
  • Use them to honor someone's memory (In Loving Memory of...)

Fundraising Wristband Laboratory: See how much better our quality is


It is important that you call us if you have a specific date that you need the wristbands. We will help you place your order so that it arrives on time.

Every order has a PRODUCTION TIME and a SHIPPING TIME. The Production Time is how long it takes us to make your wristbands. The Shipping time is how long it takes to get from us to you. Please be aware of both when placing your order.

Three weeks is generally a good timeframe to use when figuring out when you will get your wristbands.

Personalized Rubber Bracelets

WristbandConnection.com provides rubber bracelets made of silicone rubber worldwide. Our rubber bracelets are created from 100% silicone rubber. We are the leading producer of rubber bracelets that gratify client desires. We’ve got creative wristbands for schools events, birthday parties, family reunions, faculty events, native business promotions and various other occasions.

Rubber Bracelets Variations and Uses

We carry rubber bracelets in many colors, artworks and even sizes. Our rubber bracelets are “100%si” guaranteed silicone rubber wristbands. We will create any special style and when it comes for any fundraising or event wristbands, Wristband Connection offer rubber bracelets at very low costs. We offer every kind of silicone rubber wristbands from Color-core, Color-filled, Rubber bracelets, Multi-bands, Photo bands, Key fobs etc.

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Rubber Bracelets for Fashion

If someone desires to impress somebody with their fashion statement, then custom rubber bracelets bands are the way to go! Multi-bands create excellent flag rubber bracelets. These rubber bracelets will solely be screen printed or lazer-made (laser engraved) with a message and have multi uses. Several multi-bands are used for soccer tournaments around the world.

Different Ways to Personalize Rubber Bracelets

WristbandConnection.com supplies a huge collection of rubber bracelets as well as single Color-core, Multi-color bracelets, Embossed, Debossed and fashionable Color-filled rubber bracelets. We assure you that our quality cannot be matched by any competitor within the market.

Get Your Rubber Bracelets On-Time

Since 2005 we've been perfecting the method of manufacturing silicone rubber bracelets abundant faster. When you order rubber bracelets from Wristbanconnection.com, definitely you can be confident on getting your ordered rubber bracelets on-time.

Get Your Rubber Bracelets Fast!

One-day shipping also available for selective rubber bracelets and this is all can be done because of the huge amount of rubber bracelets we hold in stock. Wristband Connection holds more than 1 Million rubber bracelets in stock, where other rubber bracelets manufacturers cannot do. We guarantee client loyalty by providing exceptional customer service and providing the best quality of custom rubber bracelets at lowest value and fastest turnaround.


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You an always expect great service, quality and the knowledge from us. We guarantee your wristbands to be shipped on time or your order is free. We give it to you in writing too. Before you buy wristbands anywhere, call us. We will help you understand what to truly look for. Buying cheaper wristbands can be a very expensive mistake! Wristbands
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