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Custom Slap Bracelets

What are slap bands / slap bracelets?

Slap bracelets are fun accessories that can be made to order, personalized for advertising purposes, resell or even such events as a birthday party. Until recently companies and people who wanted to make their own slap bracelets for their friends or potential customers had to purchase a large minimum order that was not economical. You can now order custom slap bands from WristbandConnection.com with a low minimum order of only 50 which can be made in about a week and in your hands in just days after the slap bands are produced! Slap bracelets are usually designed with some sort of phrase on it that is legible when stretched out before you slap it on your wrist, but even full color wrap around designs are possible now. Whatever the reason to make them, slap bracelets are fun and everybody loves to wear them.

Learn more about slap bracelets

Slap bracelets, slap band or slap wristbands are the many different names these unique wristbands / toys have been come to be known as today. It has been recorded that slap wristbands were invented in the 80's, but truth be told, samples of similar products that could have been used as a slap band date back to the 70's or earlier, businesses would print their name on metal rulers which rolled up the way slap bracelets do today. It made for a neat item to be remembered by, but was not practical as an actual ruler. At one time the slap bracelets were made with nothing more than printed cloth wrapped around the metal inner portion of the slap band and after thousands of repetitive uses, the metal fatigued and broke which could cause injury. Today's silicone wrapped slap bands do not pose such a risk because the thickness of the silicone reduces the amount of fatigue in the metal portion of the slap bracelet. One fact we have always taken pride in is that our products use extremely strong 100% silicone and never nylon or latex infused silicone which will break down over time or cause allergic reaction. Our slap bands are sure to be a hit in your school, church, gift shop or as a great promotional item. Once someone slaps your name onto their wrists, they remember where they got it! Call us today for a custom quote (800) 451-9711.
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