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Remebrance Wristbands

are a very intimate way to remember and heal. We can deliver next day with several color combinations to choose from. Call for assistance if needed.

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Long-lasting memories

Our color-filled remembrance bands can be made in about a week and will last for years. Please feel free to call with personalized help when making these special remembrance wristbands.

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We'll start production today!

Your order will go into production today! All you have to do is call.

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At, we take special pride in making your memory wristbands with your wish messages either debossed or embossed on it. Our wristbands manufacturing experts have more skill, knowledge and technology in creating wristbands fast and on time. Memory wristbands are a very simple, but thoughtful memento, as well as a way to remember the ones we love in a silent or visual manner.

Many customers choice our Lazer-Made™ brand wristbands when they are needed for fast approaching memorial date. If you would like to keep the bracelet message personal to you, we recommend our swirled silicone, as the text is nearly impossible to read from a distance. If it is a public announcement that you want all to see for years to come, we recommend our color-filled bands, but if you need them in less than 10-14 days, our trademarked Color-Core® bands should be used. As usual, if you need assistance with you wristband purchase, we invite you to call during business hours and remember, Wristband Connection is only company who will guarantee your order in writing, or free.

"We know how important these special memorial bracelets are to you and your family and we feel it would be shameful not to deliver on time. Please remember to note your need-by date in the comment section upon checkout or call. "

Thank You

Victor Rey / President