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Cancer awareness wristbands are used to create awareness and raise funds for several different cancers, such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer. Wearing these specific cancer awareness bracelets helps create awareness and are often used as a fundraiser to help support cancer patients and raise money for additional cancer research.

Cancer awareness wristbands from are made of flexible and long-lasting silicone that is non-allergenic, water resistant, and comfortable to wear. Most ever cancer has an associated awareness color, and you're sure to find the one that you need as you create your custom personalized cancer awareness wristband. You can choose an image to add to your wristbands or create your own. Buy just a few for your close friends or family, or buy many - no minimums!

History of Cancer Awareness Wristbands

  • Cancer wristbands became popular only by Lance Armstrong, founder of Lance Armstrong foundation who introduced Livestrong yellow wristband in May 2004. He is a famous cyclist who survived cancer.
  • Yellow Livestrong wristbands were created to raise money and awareness about cancer that effort was a success, raising about $25 million.
  • Yellow was chosen as it is the color to coincide with the yellow jersey worn by the leader of Tour de France.
  • Famous personalities like John Kerry, Katie Couric, Matt Damon and many other athletes wore yellow wristbands at the Athens Olympic Games.

Cancer Bracelets are used to create awareness and raise funds for various cancer types including

  • Ovarian Cancer.
  • Prostate Cancer.
  • Lung Cancer.
  • Colon Cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Wristbands

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  • Nearly 16,000 people die due to this disease each year.
  • Nearly 25% of ovarian cancer patients are diagnosed when the disease is in its early stages, which provides a more positive prognosis.
  • With early diagnosis, 9 out of 10 women will live survive an ovarian cancer diagnosis.
  • Awareness is key!

Wristbands having the message "Courage" are commonly worn to create awareness of ovarian cancer, but at Wristband Connection you can choose any personalized message for your wristband order.

Prostate cancer Awareness Wristbands

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  • According to a survey, over 180,000 men are affected by this disease each year.
  • This disease can be effectively treated if found early.

Light Blue Wristbands with the slogan "Feel The Power" are commonly worn to create awareness of prostate cancer and encourage others to leading a healthy lifestyle. Use this phrase or create your own custom personalized wristbands for your specific cause.

Lung Cancer Awareness Wristbands

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  • Smoking is a significant risk factor for developing lung cancer.
  • In 2005, more than 163,000 people died of this disease.

Orange Wristbands with messages such as "Live Free, Smoke Free" are commonly used to create awareness of the dangers of smoking and to support lung cancer patients and research.

Colon Cancer Awareness Wristbands

  • Nearly 56,000 people die due to colon cancer every year.

Blue Wristbands with the message "Fear Nothing" are commonly worn to support colon cancer patients and victims. Use this phrase or create your own custom personalized wristbands.

For any of our cancer awareness wristbands, you can buy one or buy many – no minimums at!

Wear wristband with slogan "Making strides everyday" to support people who are undergoing treatment and to celebrate those who have survived.

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