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Please take a moment to read the comparisons of these two great products so you can easily decide which wristbands are best for you. We feel it is our duty to do our best to educate you on our products and it is important that you fully understand exactly what to expect to arrive at your door. If you have more questions, please feel free to call us at 800-451-9711 from 9am-6pm.

LaZer-Made Wristbands vs Debossed Wristbands

Lazer Silicone Wristbands

  • Lazer-Made™ Wristbands look very similar to molded wristbands, yet the debossing (sunken lettering) is not as deep as debossed wristbands.
  • LaZer-Made silicone wristbands are perfect for small and rush orders
  • When you need wristbands fast or in quantities below 500, LaZer-Made custom silicone wristbands are the best solution.
  • LaZer-Made wristbands are personalized in the USA, so an overnight production option is available in the shopping cart.
  • Because we remove the silicone with state of the art laser cutting equipment, the messages cannot be as deep as that of a molded wristband.
  • The greatest aspect of LaZer-MadeT is that there is no minimum to order, which meets the needs of most people. You can order multiple colors per message, per order and up to 3 different sizes directly from the website unlike a molded wristband.

Debossed Wristbands

  • Debossing is the act of creating messages that are sunken into the surface through the use of a mold.
  • This allows the message to be as deep as half the thickness of the band without compromising the strength of the wristbands.
  • The molds are heated to over 350 degrees Fahrenheit where the raw silicone is pressed in the mold under 20,000 lbs. psi until cured. From purchase date, these wristbands take 3-10 days to manufacture, depending on the quantity and are made free of lead in China.
  • We allow up to 4 different colors per 1000 without an extra charge (swirls & segmented bands not included), but each size requires a new mold. Once you own a mold, it is good for one year between uses. Future orders are delivered faster than the your first as long as the mold is still usable. Please call for molded wristbands or use the debossed wristbands order page.

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