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I Heart Silicone Wristbands

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I Love You Bands

I Wristbands Features

The features of I Heart wristbands are highly simple but yet quite lovely.

  • These bands are ultimate silicone made wristbands that truly allows you to wear your heart on your sleeves or rather wrists.
  • The color of the wristband is different from that of the text. It also contains an embossed red color-filled heart in between the text which makes it all the more exclusive.
  • However, these wristbands are not just meant for Valentine's Day.
  • They also serve as personalized wristbands. You can simply customize your message to anything that you are quite passionate about such as "I heart Cricket", "I heart US".

Valentine's Day Special

Valentine’s Day has been one among the most celebrated and busiest day of the year as you may find a lot of couples here and there at every corner of your locality celebrating their love for each other. May it be, just another incident while you are walking into a mall for shopping or go out for dinner with your group to an exquisite restaurant. In the case of latter you are bound to stumble upon several tables where couples could be found dressed gorgeous, having a candle light dinner. Traditionally, this day involves two common incidents. Couples generally tend to go on exquisite dates and gift each other with wonderful gifts as recognition of their love for each other. And this time of the year, Valentine's Day is just few weeks away.

I Bands To Express Love

What can be a better day than Valentine’s Day to express your deepest feelings of your heart to your girl/boy friend? Most people mistake that Valentine’s Day is all about boyfriends and girl friends. That is certainly not the case. Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love and this particular can be of many forms. It’s not just about gifting your girlfriend; it can also be about gifting your sister or even your mother.  And as for the gift, you can find several souvenirs filled shops and malls in every market. You are certainly bound to find your head swirl looking at the amount of gift options you might get. And here is a thought for you. Why not purchases love wristbands for this Valentine's Day? I Heart Bands is one of the well-liked wristband product from Wristband Connection.

Why WristbandConnection is a highly comprehensive website that merchandises some of the highest quality of wristband types. You can never go wrong when it comes to placing wristband orders from this particular site. As an exclusive for this year's Valentine's Day, we launch the "I Heart Wristbands" product just for all those couples out there. You can customize your own silicone made rubber bracelets by going through four simple steps which involves

  • Adding a Message that makes it all the more unique.
  • Choosing your font for the way the message has to be displayed.
  • Picking your color for your desires.
  • Choosing the size of the wristband and the quantity for your order.

Choose a Charity Code

  • You can also choose a charity code, get 20% off and contribute for a worthy and noble cause.
  • In other words, when you buy one wristband, the charity gets 20% of the sale.
  • Hence, not only do you purchase wonderful fashionable accessories, but you also get to help the poor and needy.

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