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Wristband Fundraising

Call them wristbands or rubber bracelets but call us to help you with your wristband fundraiser success. We'll help you sell wristbands 24/7!

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We have helped thousands of people, schools and charities raise money and our wristbands are only a small part of it. When you order silicone wristbands from us you also get a team of experienced people that will help you take your fundraiser to a level you may have only dreamed of. Why buy wristbands from anyone else?

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Fundraising Wristbands

The perfect fundraiser is one that both makes money for a cause and raises awareness about that cause. Silicone wristbands from are the fundraising idea that keeps on giving. Not only can you make money for your cause by buying high quality silicone wristbands for a low cost and selling them for a profit, you can custom imprint your own message on the wristband to spread ongoing awareness about your issue.

easy fund raiser

  • Fundraising wristbands became excessively popular with Lance Armstrong, Livestrong Bracelet, a yellow silicone wristband founded by Lance Armstrong Foundation in May 2004 to raise money for cancer research.
  • The foundation was able to raise about $25 million by selling these bands.

don't just try to turn $1 into $2

  • Fundraising wristbands are useful for various purposes like any foundations, churches, schools, businesses, and sports teams.

Cheap is bad for fund raisers

What you give your customers represents you. Watch the video and see what cheap bands say about your organization.

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We provide your cause with online support. We handle the order taking and shipping for you. We do the heavy lifting. You promote your message.

  • saves a lot of time organizing, shopping, stamping and shipping
  • ensures that all of your customers get their wristbands and support you nationwide