Silicone Wristbands Side BY Side Comparision

Side by Side Comparisons

Please take a moment to read the comparisons of these great products so you can make the right decision of which silicone wristbands to order. We feel it is our duty to do our best to educate you on our products and it is important that you fully understand your purchase and that you know exactly what to expect to arrive at your door.

Color-Core vs Color-Filled

Color Filled Wristbnads

  • Color-Core™ bands are a great way to make a big impression, they are easy to read and detailed art is very easy to see.
  • Color-Core™ allows you to have a wristband with colored text without having to place a minimum order and receive them in the least amount of time and are perfect for promotional and occasional use.
  • Color-Core™ wristbands are not as durable as color-fill wristbands and should not be worn 24/7 Lazer-Made™, molded or color-filled wristbands can be, as the outer layer can be removed with excessive use.
  • For the best care, keep them from rubbing against too many surfaces, clean them gently with soap and water and take yours off before you go to sleep to get the maximum lifespan from each wristband.

Color Filled Wristbnads

  • Color-Filled wristbands are the pinnacle of the silicone wristband world. These are actual works of art that start with a molded wristband, which is made from scratch.
  • Skilled artists with glass syringes fill each letter or logo, with special heat-sensitive ink one letter at a time! The ink is then baked onto the silicone surface, cooled and packed before being shipped to you.
  • It is best to order 1000 or more to make this product cost effective. Color-Fill bands last for years and make the biggest impression. Delivery time is a minimum of 7 business days with rush delivery and they can be worn day in and out without the risk of fading.
  • If you are interested in Color-Filled wristbands, you will need to call a representative for assistance and special pricing.

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